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We believe that an Education is the most effective way for individuals to improve their own lives because Education is the process to transfer learning, Knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits from one person to another through storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, or research. A person becomes perfect with education as he is not only gaining something from it, but also contributing to the growth of a nation.

Education expands their vision, outlook and capability to fight ignorance, injustice, corruption, violence, disparity and communalism, the greatest hazards to the progress of the nation.

Education is not only important to reduce the poverty but it is also a key of healthy & respectful living. The miserable conditions of poverty & other social causes can only be fought if we educate the downtrodden.

PSF launch this initiative with aim to provide education to maximum children with support of Donor’s who are stopping their study due to poor financial status of the family. Under this initiative we are trying to attach maximum people with this drive and to adopt education of children as per their convenience.

Swachh Jal Apne Haath, Swachh Bhojan Apne Saath

As per the records of Government, a child who is below 10 years, every year for 10 times came to government hospitals for the treatment of easily preventable diseases. Child’s study, health and family conditions, all suffered due to some negligence of hygiene.

Students of MCD and Primary schools located at slums carried their food in plastic bags which is wrapped in news paper. We all know that how the use of plastic bags is effecting the environment & humans. Many researchers reported that newspaper ink contains ingredients such as Naphthylamine, amoratic hydrocarbons, and other aryl hydrocarbon receptor agonists that have multiple negative health effects.Also a newspaper comes to our home through passing of many hands and when that food was consumed by the children many bacteria and viruses enter in to the child’s body. Similarly water tanks of schools are neither get cleaned on regular basis nor replaced when damaged and insects like lizard, snake, cockroach, rat fallen in to the tank and children continued to consume poisonous water and fall sick with diarrhea, malaria, typhoid etc.

With the increasing health risks and diseases, it has become a necessity to stay as hygienic as possible. Most of the recently heard diseases like bird flu and swine flu are a result of lack of hygiene only. So it’s high time that we prioritize the significance of hygiene in our life to stay healthy and protect ourselves from these serious diseases.

Hygiene is a habit and it has to be inculcated and put to practice at an early age as the children are the most susceptible to hygiene-related disorders like skin issues, rashes, infections, wounds, etc and because of this, they require utmost attention and awareness on the same. Therefore, it is a must that Children are taught the importance of hygiene early on so that it becomes a habit. Hygiene is not merely restricted to the personal hygiene of children but their surroundings as well.

In view of the above circumstances, Parivartan Sandesh Foundation(PSF) launched a Project “Swachh Jal Apne Haath, Swachh Bhojan Apne Saath” to conducted a series of events with MCD and slums located schools to promote awareness and build capacities of the students to maintain basic health, hygiene, and sanitation at the school level.

Through events our volunteers taught the students about what to avoid and how a few precautionary measures can help prevent infections and diseases and also help with increasing attendance rate at school. Apart from imparting information to students about the importance of hygiene, we also distributed free water bottles and lunch boxes to the students to avoid the use of plastic bag & news paper to carry the food and to carry hygienic water so that they do not consume anything harmful and contaminated.

Project launched in 2011 and till March-2016 we reach about 39 47 00 children and people to provide lunch box with water bottle and to build hygiene awareness.

Heart Energize 2019

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Parivartan Sandesh Foundation Makes These Good Things Happen:

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