Vocational Skills & Empowering Women

सक्षम नारी,सशक्त समाज

High rate of growth of urban population and consequent increase in population residing in slums has today lead to over-straining of infrastructure and deterioration in a chance for employment and wide inequalities in accessing services. Such hostile circumstances coupled with the lack of social network and fall back options, arguably leads the inhabitant population to the “severe poverty trap”.

The situation where a family is not sufficient enough to earn its bread and fulfill their key requirements, the role of vocational training comes into place which assures in delivering training to the women members of the family, making them skilled to be self dependent and act as a helping #hand in support of the family financially too. This further contributes to gender equality where women equally stands by her family just as a male member and becomes much more confident and motivated.

Against this backdrop PARIVARTAN SANDESH FOUNDATION (PSF) implement a vocational skill development program by the name सक्षम नारी,सशक्त समाज that meant to provide the Tailoring skills to underpriviledged girls & woman residing in slums. Approx 50 women or girls from the underpriviledged community of designated slums will be oriented with material required to become a tailoring professional through a stitching learning centre.

PSF also planned to support the deserving & needy candidates with sewing machine after completion of the training in order to make them capable to start their own work from home or work with boutiques. Besides, we are also trying to associate ourselves with the export companiesto create job opportunities for trained female candidates. So that we can help them to become self dependent and have better living conditions.

Spreading Dignity

Nowadays, a strange situation can be witnessed where, on the one hand, an employer does not get the employees with requisite skills and, on the other hand, millions of educated job seekers do not get employment. This mismatch in recruitment sector is only due to the imbalance between the desired qualification and skills required to undertake a particular profession due to the limited access and lack of awareness of skills development training opportunities.

Parivartan Sandesh Foundation,(PSF) The youth is main sufferer of unemployment and poverty, their high rise ambitions can take them on wrong path when their family could not fulfill their requirements and unfortunately, if the main member gets unemployed, the situation become more worst. PSF always endeavored to turn the youth as professional to capture a position in professional world with a major focus on youth. Self-reliance and financial Independence can be achieved by providing vocational training to youth through which they can either start up something of their own or occupy a job. To get notify results PSF is supporting the youth in 3 different ways to be empower.

SPREADING DIGNITY today marketing and business scenario has been changed. Most of the companies and small enterprises choose to use computer for most of the work. This not only save the time, cut the man power cost but also deliver accurate results too. This makes the need of Computer skills the utmost necessity for adults and students to get good job and earning opportunities even after completing the school . Similarly the marketing & sales trend has been also changed. Each company preferred to take the service of Tele Sales and Marketing Representatives for promotions of their business and to increase the sales. Companies are also giving customer care solutions over the phone. There has been high demand for Hindi and English females Tele- Sales Representatives and Customer Care Representatives.

Empowering Women

At present, women employees constitute about one-third of the total call center and BPO workforce in India. However, despite the huge economic contribution of women in the industry, they still face many challenges, with safe transportation being a major concern. Hence companies are now hiring female drivers to transport their female employees, thereby increasing the demand for trained female drivers.

The number of professional women drivers of cars, two wheelers and even buses is continuously increasing and keeping this in mind, PSF start a Driving Training Course in cooperation with SIDBI & BWWA (BSF Wives Welfare Association) to promote female members of all serving and Martyr so that they can join any MNC, Corporate House and can work as professional driver.

Under the course the candidates will get Manual & Automatic car driving training and also get Four Wheeler Driving License on completion of Training. PSF will also guide the candidates to get suitable job as per their interest.

PSF will assure that every candidate get a suitable job at Driver Agencies (Ola, Uber, Meru etc) or MNC as per their interest.

Different faces of society


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