Year:- 2017-2018

Project:-Our path to progress

Annual Cost:- 5, 00, 000 approx

Project Details:- From April-2018, PSF launch project to provide primary education to children belongs to poor or migrated families with nutritious midday meal for their wholesome growth.

The recent rapid urban population growth and relative lack of attention to urban poverty, has possibly exacerbated multi-dimensional deprivation, including deprivation of education, in urban areas. The total number of poor and undernourished children living in urban areas has increased since the 1980s (Haddad et al., 1999). Likewise in Delhi, capital city of India, the number of poor below the poverty line has nearly doubled in just over five years from 1.2 millions in 1999/00 to 2.3 millions in 2004/05 (Government of Delhi, 2008)

Due to uncontrolled population growth the education system is become unable to provide education to all children. A previous study in Delhi slums (2005) also pointed out that children from migrated population is mainly deprived from education due to occasional long visits to place of origin, and from understanding the system to enrol their children at school.

The PSF has started the program on the basis of the above mentioned facts, the project OUR PATH TO PROGRESS launched with objective to impart education to the children who are poor or from migrated families. Under this project, we are providing primary education and nutritious meal to 125 children at Amrit Varsha school.

The project goal is to make the children eligible for admission in the secondary level school, who never ever attend any school. In this school there is a provision to serve about 100-125 children and not any government school is available within 2 km radius of this school, but now children are coming to our schools are constantly and now their parents also understand that education is needed for a better life

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