You can help stop hunger.

No child should have to wonder where their next meal will come from. Yet every 15 seconds around the world, another child dies from hunger and related causes. Millions more are at risk of permanent physical and mental impairment because of chronic malnutrition.

You can help ensure kids are fed, addressing immediate food needs and empowering families to grow their own sustainable sources of food.

You’ll help stop hunger, today and in the future, by helping provide essentials like:

  • Emergency therapeutic food for severely malnourished children
  • Nutritious family food baskets filled with essentials like Super Cereal; a powerful supplementary solution to help children under 5 grow strong
  • Seeds, tools, and training to help families grow their own food
  • Training and support to start livelihood efforts that also provide nutrition
  • Education for moms on providing balanced diets for their kids
  • Supplementary infant and child feeding programs

About Parivartan Sandesh Foundation

Parivartan Sandesh Foundation (PSF) is a Charity Organization registered under Section – 60 vide Regd No- 1843/4/3693/96-112 in Delhi. The organization is working for the betterment and development of deprived and marginalized population through promoting various programs in India to ensure the right to education, access to health services, empowering adolescents through vocational skills to have better livelihood chances & spreading awareness of social issues. A community based on human rights, equity, justice, honesty, social sensitivity & a culture of service in which all are self-reliant. PSF focus & sole reason for existence is the betterment of Under-privileged in terms of Health, Education, self-reliant Skills & for awareness of Social issues. Organization & sensitization of the community is the approach through which empowerment, capacity building & social transformation are attempted. Parivartan Sandesh Foundation (PSF) is also registered with Darpan Niti Ayog and having a registration number – DL/2011/0045257.
Donate Now and Help Fight Hunger  

Note: If you want a refund or have any grievances about the donation you made either from India or International, you can only claim refund within 48 Hours.