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Parivartan Sandesh Foundation(PSF) provides an absolute caring approach by delivering extensive primary health care services to the most dispossessed and impoverished communities who doesn’t have a stable living and their socio-economic conditions doesn’t allow them to have a proper access to a regular medical provider. Our Mobile health care dispensary reaches the most poverty-stricken slums of Delhi, aiming to offer a continuous care with our designated OPD cards having all the 09medical records of the patients.

Project Vision

Providing Mobile Health Care services to facilitate slums residents population of Delhi where people badly suffers the inadequacy and inaccessibility of primary healthcare services.We seek to invest in health care to promote social well-being among entire population irrespective of their social and economic backgrounds with our continuous efforts to expand our social coverage in areas where the need is the most and therefore, leading to the equitable and inclusive participation of all the community members in the overall growth and development of self and the nation.

Our Initiatives

We provide complete primary health care needs to indigent population at all stages of 45life. Mobile Unit takes care for health of infants, children, teens, adults & senior citizens with a prime focus on pregnant women & senior citizen’s health care by facilitating free check-up & medicines under supervision of a MBBS Doctor. Awareness is the prime key to sort out the problem of hygiene & sanitation in order to prevent diseases like skin problems, teeth problem, stomach infection, chest infection diarrhea and other communicable disease. Our volunteer teaches the patients to use easily available & affordable resources in proper manner.

Project Overview

aunched in 2014, “Mobile Health Care Unit” provides heath care services 2 days a week in at Nand Nagri & Yamuna Bazar slums of East Delhi & covers approx 100 patients at every visit. About 1000 patients avail the benefit in a month through Mobile Health care Unit. The team provides services through our mobile health care van and sometimes through the special camps that we organize in the collaboration of hospitals, other medical institutes and diagnostic centers.

Project Outcome

Increase access to health care in an underserved area: The primary objective of the mobile clinic is to bring health care into a community with limited access, specifically to those who are under privileged.

To detect the prevalent disease & illness and to take early measures and interventions. To bring awareness among women, children and old on healthy living and hygiene issues. The Infant mortality rate & critical illness & other physical defects to newborn children happened due to poor maternal health during pregnancy & lack of care of newborn after birth. Health care Unit will also 44provide essential medicines which are needed for better health of mother & proper growth of child during pregnancy.

To diagnose and refer critical cases to medical practitioners. Dispensary carried all primary medicines to avoid malnutrition, diarrhea diseases, respiratory infections and other preventable infections among the pre school children In slums the importance of the personal hygiene is not properly appreciated. Environmental sanitation is very poor in slums. In most of the places, there are no proper arrangements for disposal of human and animal wastes, sewage and salvage etc. Trust is already activated in to construct community latrines but it needed to be done on high scale. On initial level we can educate the people by visiting at their own place time to time.

Parivartan Sandesh Foundation(PSF) takes this opportunity of helping the needy community as its major goals and it’s a privilege for us to be a part of somebody’s life who merely wants a little support and hope to have an improved and healthy lifestyle. It becomes an honor when an old person or mother compliments our team members that they are finding themselves healthy after availing our medical services and in turn boosts up our energy levels to serve them better.

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Parivartan Sandesh Foundation Makes These Good Things Happen:

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