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Preparing Young Children For School

Education is a process whereby we learn to act in a human, rather than infantile or animalistic fashion. Through this process we gain a cultural—as part of our personal—identity

Education is a life-long process of behavior modification taking place in and beyond schools. It should be growth-producing, should contribute to our ability to become human and good citizens, ought to prepare us to make a living and provide for ourselves and families. Public schools and curriculum cannot be planned or evaluated in isolation from economics and politics.

The challenges of education in developing countries are different from those in the more developed countries. Children in poorer countries may not have school fees, may need to work at a young age, teachers may be ill-prepared or lured into other work even during school hours, text books and school supplies may be scarce, and the government may be forced to attend to other priorities

In spite of the largest education system in the world, India still faces problems of low levels of literacy achievement and poor quality of education with 37 percent of the population lacking literacy skills; 53 percent of children dropping out at the elementary level and over 75 percent of rural schools being under staffed.

Parivartan Sandesh Foundation(PSF) works towards developing inclusive and equitable education policies and practices, thereby ensuring a quality education for all children, regardless of their gender, class, caste, ethnicity and religion. Other aspects of our work include a focus on Early Childhood Development, the promotion of child-centered approaches, training teachers and helping communities to develop close linkages with schools.

Parivartan Sandesh Foundation(PSF) provides education to children’s through various school & Organization’s. Organize various programs to aware the children’s about the society and to make the education interesting part of their life. Helps poor parents to support their children’s education.

Vocational Skill Development

Generally known as career and technical education (CTE) or technical and vocational education and training (TVET) it prepares people for specific trades, crafts and careers at various levels from a trade, a craft, technician, or a high professional practitioner position in careers such as engineering, accountancy, nursing, medicine, architecture, law etc. Craft vocations are usually based on manual or practical activities and are traditionally non-academic but related to a specific trade, occupation. It is sometimes referred to as technical education as the trainee directly develops expertise in a particular group of techniques.

Skills development is the means through which the people of any country are assisted to succeed in life. Sadly, people think that it is only the function of the government to empower the citizens. This is not so as you, as an individual, can empower the people around you.

Skills Development is of good importance to both nations and the empowered. With skills development, the future prosperity of nations is secured because these are the people that are, and will take care of many industries in the country. The importance of skills development is so many that all of them cannot be detailed out in this write-up. Below are some major issues can reduce by skills development:-

Poverty eradication: - Skills will make youth able to get earning which improves their living conditions.

Good education standard: - Employed youth can support the education to younger siblings.

National Growth: - Most of the industries required skilled man power to work at initial level processing rather than managing level degree holders. Availability of skilled youth can increase the economical growth of industries as well as the nation.

Financial Security: - Skilled youth are energized with confidence to give security to the family at every stage of the life.

Employment Creation: - A skilled person can get employment easily rather than a person educated up to secondary or senior secondary level.

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