#PSF Charitable Dispensary

Project Status: - Under Process

Annual Cost: - 18, 00,000 approx

Project Details: - Currently PSF is reaching out disadvantage population to provide free and easy access to primary health care with association of Inderdhanush Charitable Dispensary at Nayaykhand-3, Indirapuram , Ghaziabad. PSF has planned to expand the project to provide other referral services like Eye-checkup , X-ray facility, ECG Facility, Blood Glucose Monitoring, Ambulance through PSF Charitable Dispensary.

PSF Charitable Dispensary Objectives:-

  • Addressing community health needs and improving the health of the poor and vulnerable living in slums by providing basic health services.
  • Implementing preventative health measures, such as spreading good health practices, awareness generation and early detection of diseases.
  • To bring awareness among women, children and old on healthy living and hygiene issues. Serious attention on Infant mortality rate, critical illness & other physical defects to newborn children resulting due to poor maternal health during pregnancy & post natal care of the newborn.
  • To educate the community about specific diseases so that they can take preventive measures and are able to take prompt action in case of sickness as well.
  • To provide supplements for vitamin D, Vitamin A, Iron, Calcium, Folic acid to reduce the effects of malnourished food.
  • To attend ignored family members like senior citizen at door steps.
  • To help improve nutritional status of children and women.
  • To help poor community with immediate help by Ambulance in case of medical emergency.
  • Ambulance will also cater Patients in case of accidents within allocated area.
  • To promote family planning.
  • To create awareness on Personal hygiene, cleanliness, malnutrition, sanitation etc.
  • Provide eye check-up for all & spectacles to needy children & senior citizen.
  • Gynaecologist to attend pregnant ladies and females to solve women related illnesses in time and to educate them means to control the population.
  • PSF Charitable Dispensary will provide Free of cost X-Ray, ECG facilities, Glucose Monitoring and Blood Pressure Monitoring facilities.

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