In India, about 5 per cent population suffers from diabetes. Medical health experts assert that regular check-ups and timely detection plays a vital role in controlling and managing the problem. Ironically, due to patient resistance and feeling of disbelief that 'I can have diabetes too', most patients tend to defer on detection and treatment that often leads to complications.

Practitioners feel that patient adherence to medication and lifestyle modifications play an important role in diabetes management and this can help them lead a normal life. Un-monitored prevalence of diabetes also results in increased risk of vascular complications like cardiovascular, renal, neural and visual disorders which are related to the duration of the disease.

But poor people cannot afford the money to monitor the diabetes on regular basis because of that, when problem reaches the last stage they go to the government hospital to take treatment where due to delay in treatment the problem becomes incurable.

Considering above facts PSF has started free diabetes check-up and medicines facility to poor people, under health project- HEALTH RAINBOW