Jainab Fatima

Support Appeal By Parents of Baby Jainab Fatima

Child: Jainab Fatima (3 Year)

Problem:Congenital Heart Defect

Treatment at:- Cardiology Department of AllMS.

Total Cost: 85,000

Jainab Fatima is 3 years old daughter of Nemat Khatoon & Md. Samshad. Jainab is suffering with congenital heart defect and under treatment at Cardiology Department of AllMS. Jainab required PDA surgery which cost 60000/-(only for PDA device) as per estimate provided by the hospital.

Md. Samshad is work as daily basis waiter at functions and earns approx 300/day. They lived in a rented house. Nemat is a housewife and take care of kids. She knows tailoring but due to Jainab poor health she could not focus to her work. It is nearby to impossible for Samshad & Nemat to manage Jainab’s treatment expenses of Rs 85000/-( Rs 60000/- for PDA device & Rs 25000/- for medicines and post surgery care)

Md. Samshad.Waiter

Earning : Approx 300/Day.